Saipan Trip Notes – Vital Information at your fingertips

Saipan Trip Notes – Vital Information at your fingertips

Congratulations!! You have convinced your family or friends to travel with you for the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Saipan, the largest island within the Northern Marinas group between Japan and Guam in the Pacific. You have blocked the travel dates and confirmed the airline tickets. The next thing on the list is to obtain information on all the other aspects, so essential for an anticipated trip to Saipan to be termed a success. We present below all those tiny bits of information, to save you time and effort in searching a wide set of web links (some of them with outdated updates).

Saipan Trip Notes – Vital Information at your fingertips

Saipan War Memorial

Visa Requirements – If you are a US Citizen, you can skip this section. Northern Marinas territories come under the US Government administration, so travelling to Saipan is as straight forward as travelling to Texas for holders of the coveted US passport. Similarly, 37 countries (NATO countries and few rich Asian countries), which participate in the Visa Waiver program with the USA are exempted from requiring a visa stamp before landing at Marinas International Airport, Saipan. Countries, which have no such agreement, will need to queue up for a visa at the various local US Embassies or Consulates, which handle administrative issues for the Northern Marinas.

Vaccination – No special vaccination procedures required when coming to Saipan. If you are a finicky traveler, who prefers to be safe than sorry, it would be a good idea to take the flu jab before you leave. You can also visit the USA CDC (Communicable Disease Center) to get any latest updates or advisory pertaining to Saipan.

Where to Stay – Important, easy-to-read facts about the more popular Saipan hotels are listed below with the no of $ signs indicating if budget (within $75), middle-tier ($75 to $125) or high-end ($125++).

If you are looking at a longer duration of stay, you could check out the Saipan online classifieds, and rent an apartment.

  • Pacific Island Club (PAC) ($$$) – is a typical Las Vegas style resort, family-friendly with water-parks, beachside, 2 popular buffet restaurants and spa. Definitely a lock-in, if you want the best for your family.
  • Saipan World Resort ($$$) – Bang on Susupe beach, with the popular Wave Jungle water-park is another of the luxurious family-friendly resorts which enhances Saipan’s image as a popular gateway for kids.
  • Hyatt Regency ($$$) – is a trusted reputed brand name. Expect same Hyatt treatment you find worldwide with great restaurants and facilities.
  • Mariana Resort & Spa ($$$) – is popular for its Mandi Asian Spa & proximity to the Mariana Golf Country Club as well as children theme recreations. It is located on the more secluded Wing Beach.
  • Hafa Adai Beach Hotel ($$) – is centrally located in Garappan (Saipan’s main town) and is very popular with Japanese / Korean tour-groups. If you do not want spas or kid-theme entertainment in the hotel, this is a highly recommended choice.
  • Aquarius Beach Towers ($$) – caters more for people with longer-term stay plans and offers a variety of nicely done rooms including in-built kitchen facilities. Wireless and free shuttle to airport is available, but eating choices are less.
  • Kanoa Resort ($$$) – is popular for its landscaped swimming pool, Japanese restaurant and beachside BBQ. Club-V nightclub gets those with good dance moves shaking their legs at night.
  • Himawari Hotel ($) – is among the budget hotels, which still get decent reviews. Its decent room decor should get you a good night’s sleep after a lot of trekking around Saipan.
  • Aqua Resort Club ($$$) – the wide spacious lobby is an indicator of the comfy interiors, wide dining options, on-site spa services and the other luxuries one is used to when checking into a top-end island hotel.
  • Saipan Ocean View Hotel ($) – is another budget hotel decent enough for even a family with kids to check-in. It has a pool, but it is the beach and other Saipan attractions, where you would be spending more time.

Where to Eat – Saipan definitely will not let the hungry tourist go hungry after an enjoyable day out, but the choice of restaurants are more catering to the tourist palate with less variety of local Marinas food available.

  • Revolving Restaurant 360 at Susupe – is definitely worth an experience, especially if you have kids. The continental buffet complements the gentle 360 degree turn in the restaurant perfectly.
  • Japanese / Korean cuisine – is very popular in Saipan, due to the heavy influx of honeymooners and tourist groups from these Asian countries. The more popular ones are  Himawari (good value for money) , Casa Urushima, Furusato and Miyako (in Hyatt Regency)
  • Italian / Continental  cuisine – has a few popular, recommended restaurants in Saipan which include Capricciosa, Tony Roma’s and Giovanni
  • Buffet-style – are the more popular restaurants, thanks to the variety of food and the type of tourist drawn to Saipan. The Magellan and the San Antonio Sea-side Grill (in the PAC hotel) and Dining Deck (in Lao Lao Golf Resort) are the recommended ones.
  • Cafe’s – Local cafe joints, which also serve Western-style food are more popular with the budget-conscious.  Shirley’s Coffee Shop, Java Joe’s, Bobby Cadillac are the crowded ones, indicating that is where you will be satisfied with both the food and the ambience. There is a joint called Esko’s, which you can get local Chamorro (indigenous Saipan inhabitants) food, but it is hard to find. To know more about Chamorro cuisine, you can visit –

What to Do – You may have already planned what to do in Saipan, but we will just quickly touch up on a few key things, so you can look up on them, if they are not on your list already. They are

  • Suicide Cliff / Banzai Cliff / WW2 Museums / Sherman Tank on beach
  • The Grotto / Bird Island / Forbidden Island / Sugar King Park
  • Managha island day-trip
  • Beaches in Garappan / Susupe

Tips on Car Renting – There is no public transportation on Saipan, so if you are not travelling on a tour package, you are left very much on your own in moving about this island. Taxis are available, but quite expensive even if you try to hire illegal taxis run by illegal immigrants. As Saipan is administered by USA, most of the standard American car-rental companies (Hertz, Budget, Alamo, National, Avis, Thrifty) are available in Saipan, many of them in the Airport itself.
Click Here to find cheap rental cars at over 6000 locations worldwide.  The Saipan Airport rental has a website of its own, so you can take a look at the cars available. Thrifty has a website dedicated to Guam / Saipan, so you could inquire directly, if they offer better deals depending on your length of stay.  You can get better deals at local car rental companies, but you won’t find them in the airport. Click Here to find cheap rental cars at over 6000 locations worldwide.

American War Memorial on Saipan Beach Enjoy the beach with nostalgia – copyright user staffus shared on Commons.wikimedia

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Tips to find the Best Line Marking Company in Australia

Tips on Finding the Best Line Marking Company in Australia

Line marking Australia is no easy task as you have to contact the best line marking companies that can provide topnotch and reliable services. Surface marking is quite common in many places in Australia, especially in highly populated urban areas like Sydney, and Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland. Line marking is important because it organizes traffic in roads and even in parking areas.

Organizing the traffic in your vicinity is vital in maintaining safety and orderliness. If you are serious about traffic safety in your area, then investing on line marking Australia is a must. Although the government takes charge of public roads, this does not mean that it is the one responsible in marking surfaces in private roads. Hence, if you wish to mark the roads in your roads, it is advisable to contact a reputable line marking company. There are several companies in the country that provide quality line marking services; however, choosing the best one can be quite challenging.

If you don’t have prior experience contacting and working with line marking firms in Australia, considering the tips and advices below can be of great help.

Find an experienced company – A company’s experience is its vital credential. A company with years or decades of experiencing providing surface marking service to clients is most likely better than new firms because it has mastered the techniques involved in line marking and has solid customer service. An experienced company has underwent different situations through its years in the industry; simply put, it knows the ins and outs in the industry of surface marking, making sure that clients are always satisfied.

Look for well-versed company – A line marking Australia company that has conducted different types of services to various clients is a go-to company because it knows how to handle even the most complicated projects. Being a well-versed company, it is experienced in finding solutions in difficult and complicated situations, assuring clients that their requirements and demands are met. You would want to know the past projects of the company you are intending trust in order to know if had handled the type of project you have for it.

Choose a client-centric company – Don’t entrust your line marking needs to a company that is only known for having quality service but lacking in good customer relations. You would not want to deal with a company that does not know how to handle customers’ concerns. A company with solid and unwavering customer service, at the end of the day, is a company that is reliable and convenient to deal with. The last thing you would want is to deal with a line marking firm that has little to no regard to clients’ demands.

Only trust reputable company – Make sure to consider the company’s track record before trusting it. Conduct a research on the company’s history, past projects, and past clients; by doing this, you can determine whether or not it is reliable. You would not want to entrust your line marking project with a company that has a history of providing poor services and bad customer services. Hence, make sure that you will only deal with a company that has solid reputation in the industry. You can do this by reading client reviews online, asking its former clients and getting their opinion. By doing this, you can be certain that you will be dealing with a reliable and reputable line marking firm.

Line marking has become an integral part of traffic safety and maintenance in many parts of Australia and other countries. If you want to highlight safety in roads, then investing on surface marking is strongly recommended.

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