6 Benefits of Corporate Travel

Corporate travel can be costly and many businesses have recently cut back in order to save money in the short-term. But the long-term benefits of corporate travel can far outweigh the short-term savings. Following the global financial crisis, 85% of American businesses cut back on their travel costs, but what value is being lost by staying put? Here are 6 benefits of corporate travel for your Australian business.

1. Face to face business

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Technology has made it possible to communicate at very low costs over very long distances. With the advent of video calling and conference calls, people from all over the world can communicate at the touch of a button. Despite this, there is a huge difference between having a meeting via Skype and arranging a weekend away in serviced apartments in Sydneyto thrash out and hone that business deal. Face-to-face business is more efficient and allows for greater negotiation opportunities. Don’t stifle your business deals by conducting them through a computer.

2. Short-term benefits
Humans are innately social beings and we relish in the opportunity to bond with others, particularly those with whom we work and trade. Arranging a face-to-face meeting with a client can mean the difference between your company and another. If you can show that you care enough to fly to their area then they will know that you will be careful with their investment. Building this short-term relationship of trust can secure you a deal that would otherwise have been lost.

3. Long-term benefits
The long-term benefits of building a strong business relationship with clients or between branches of your business will be clear in the smooth running of your business. It is far easier to make a call to someone that you know when asking for help with a problem or when working as part of a wide spread team. These social connections act as an oil to keep the gears of your business from sticking and ensuring all works smoothly.

4. Difference encourages creativity
Rather than brainstorm in the usual monotonous working environment a trip away to an unfamiliar setting can break the mould of repetition and inspire a different approach. By moving away from the familiar, your employees will be encouraged to think outside the box. It could be the start of a fantastic opportunity for your company so why wait any longer?

5. Job satisfaction

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The ability to travel provides an excellent level of job satisfaction for employees. By combining work and pleasure when travelling you can ensure your employees will want to stay working for your business. A short break after work in a Gold Coast apartmentwill enable your employees to unwind and reflect on the business deals discussed over the day. Remember, a comfortable employee is a happy and hardworking employee.

6. Corporate travel deals
Corporate travel could be much cheaper than you think. With numerous companies offering deals on flights for businesses and hotels offering reduced accommodation, you could take your business away for much less than expected.

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