Ideas for the Traveler who wants to see it all

The most fun part about going on a long trip around the world is the part where you get to make plans as to where you will go and what you will see. There are limitless opportunities for beauty and variety on out planet and it could be hard to narrow it down. Here are some tips for the globe-trotter who wants to experience as many of the different landscapes, climates and cultures they can all in one go.

An awe-inspiring sight for the western traveler, the great desert wilderness of Arabia is a sight to behold. The best time to visit is between November and March, however if you want to experience the true meaning of the desert, then the summer months are the best times to go. For a modernized look at Arabia, check out the Qatar Peninsula. Here you will find desert landscapes in conjunction with fabulous shopping malls, entertainment, and exciting history. There is excellent accommodation in the capital city of Doha; hotels range from standard rooms to top-end resorts that offer spectacular views of the beach. If towering sand dunes that sprawl on forever are what you are after, try other countries on the Arabian Peninsula such as Saudi Arabia or Oman.

Sub Arctic:
Iceland is a great place to go to see some of the amazing features that characterize the sub arctic, but without the extreme cold as Iceland’s climate is moderated by the ocean. If it is glaciers you want, then you won’t be disappointed! To see one up close, book a tour and traverse one of the many glaciers on the island for anywhere from one day to multiple days. For those who dream of walking on active volcanoes, you will have plenty of opportunities to do that here as well. You will be impressed by the progressive politics of the people as well as their self-sufficiency that they are so proud of.

Tropical Rainforest:
Visit Indonesia at any time of year to experience the rich culture, animal diversity and the wilds of the rainforest. Most of the land is covered in forest providing you with endless bushwalking opportunities, or go for a scuba adventure on one of the countless small islands. If it’s the cityscape you are after, then the bustling urban centers of Indonesia won’t disappoint you with their culturally diverse art, food and entertainment. Here you can do and see more with less money, and accommodation is quite reasonably priced. Check out the Jimbaran hotels if you are after a mix of luxury and affordability.

Many places come to mind as to which countries have the best hiking and mountain climbing available. If you are after a variety of difficulty levels and spectacular views while remaining in a centralized location, then check out what the Canadian Rockies have to offer. You can climb a peak in Glacier National Park and see no one for days, or you can meander on the never ending trails and pathways created for the day-tripper in Banff National Park. If you want something in between the isolation and the bustling tourist center, then do a little research and you will find plenty of options.

Temperate Rainforest:
It is becoming increasingly hard to find intact temperate rainforest in the world, as the trees species are a favorite for the forestry industry. The small island of Tasmania in Australia is one of the few remaining places that you can see this spectacular forest on a large scale. Here you can escape civilization for weeks at a time by embarking on the popular South Coast and Port Davey trek and enjoy the quiet tranquility while you are amongst some of the largest trees in the world.

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