Samoa Travel: Top Sights and Activities in Samoa

Now a days, travelling around the world is becoming popular day by day. Along with continents like Europe, America and Africa, several island nations of South Pacific are also attracting tourists in a large number. Samoa is one of such island nations that have terrific natural beauties all around it for visitors from the outside world.
Samoa has a very colorful history. It can be called as the birthplace of Polynesian culture. People of Negroid stock were its old inhabitants. It was under the rule of Tongans from 950AD. Later, several European nations started to visit the country from 18th century. First came the Dutch, which was followed by French, German, British, and American nation. With the coming of British missionaries, many native Samoans were converted to Christianity. Battle for power took place between the nations. Germany emerged as victorious and gained control over the mainland of Samoa. Americans gained control over the group of islands, which was later recognized as American Samoa. However, the mainland of Samoa came under the possession of New Zealand during World War 1. This rule ended in 1962, when Samoa became independent. It was the first Pacific island to be freed from foreign rule.

Top sights in Samoa
Samoa is an island nation that is full of spectacular sunny sea beaches, dense rain forests, and beautiful mountains. A tourist can start his or her excursion in Samoa from its capital city of Apia town, which is in the island of Upolu.
Apia town is actually a harbor with a nice sea beach and perfect marine drive. One can start from the Old Catholic church, which gives the impression of old Samoa. This church is one of the main old architectures of this island nation. Then the visitor can visit the Samoan museum. Remnants of old Samoan civilizations are kept here with utmost care. However, the residence of author Robert Louis Stevenson in Vailima is the main attraction of Apia. It is just a 4km drive from the main town.
Robert L Stevenson (author of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Kidnapped, Treasure island etc) had a very close relationship with the island nation of Samoa. The local people trusted him. He even had stepped into its politics. This house of him in Vailima has been turned into a museum where all things used by the author are kept as exhibits. Visitors also can visit his grave, which is lying on the top of Mt. Vaea. It is just a 20 minutes of walk from the house.
The island Upolu is full of spectacular sea beaches. The Namua Island Beach Resort, Virgin Beach Resort, Coconut Beach Resort, Taufua Beach Fales, Vava’u Beach Fales please visitors with their breathtaking beauties of sea and rain forests.
Just like Upolu, the island of Manono has the spectacular beach of Vaotuaa that people can visit. The island of Savaii has such beaches too. But, the main attraction of this island is the long dormant volcano from which last eruption was taken place at about 100 of years ago.
After visiting the mainland of Samoa, tourists can prepare to visit the American Samoa. It is situated 100 km to the southeast of Apia. Regular air service is taking only 40 minutes or so to reach the island of Tutuila of American Samoa. A group of seven islands has formed this independent state under the rule of Govt of USA. The capital is Pago Pago. American Samoa also has beautiful sea beaches with spectacular mountain peaks.

Activities in Samoa
Tourists from around the world can indulge themselves in lots of activities other than sightseeing in Samoa. These include buying local indigenous handicrafts from shops around beaches. Moreover, visitors can do snorkeling and scuba diving into the clear water around the beaches to see beautiful coral reefs and varieties of marine lives. Tourists also can enjoy facilities like kayaking, fishing, and trekking in mountain roads around Samoa. But, the greatest activity is spotting Humpback whales at the Fagatele Bay in Tutuila island of American Samoa. Samoa was attached to whale hunting in old days.
Relatively unknown to the rest of the world, this island nation is sure to entertain and enlighten tourists

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